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Anne Beresford: Collected Poems

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Anne Beresford
Collected Poems 1967-2006
Poetry. 2006. 350 pages.
ISBN 0 904872 42 4. £14.95.

This book contains all the poems Anne Beresford wants to keep from her thirteen published collections, plus new poems.

'The ground beneath Anne Beresford's feet is rural East Anglia, and it is earthiness which fills her mystical vision. You find the mystical in the everyday and it is there from the start in Beresford's work... But it is glimpses of heaven which give these poems their power for me.' --Acumen

"Rootedness" is a constant feature of what might be called poems that are concerned more specifically with a spiritual journey, though it is to some extent a misleading subdivision, since every poem in the Collected is part of a lifelong tentative enquiry into what makes us human and how we live poised between various needs and appetites... Throughout, the true measure of meaningful vision is "humanity" in all its physical and mental complexity.' -- Agenda

'Anne Beresford's Collected Poems, covering 40 years of continuous activity and containing in its 350 pages the 351 poems she has chosen from her thirteen published volumes, is an achievement that deserves the highest praise... This impressive book moves with stoic lucidity and courage through the upheavals and shifting levels of the poet's quest for understanding; and it is the discoveries she makes in the course of her long journey into (and beyond) the self, which give her poetry its authentic personal voice. ' -- Sofia

'For anyone who has followed Anne Beresford's career this is a much awaited collection and a great resource for anyone who has yet to read her.' -- New Hope International Review
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From earlier reviews:

'It's time for her Collected Poems.' --London Magazine

'Anne Beresford is one of our finest poets.' -- Ambit

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